While many people think of spring cleaning as the time of year to clean your house, a deep winter clean is just as important. After all, many of us are getting lots of stuff for the holidays and keeping the house clean ensures we have room for anything we are bringing into the house. Winter also means company. Whether it is kids home from college or relatives visiting for the holidays, many of us will be having company this winter. With the increased risk of serious illness this winter season, you want to do everything you can to make sure your home is thoroughly clean for you and for any guests you may have.

  • Disinfect the high-touch surfaces. Doorknobs, light switches, stair rails are frequently touched by people, so make sure that they are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Dust. Dust is not simply unsightly- it can be a health hazard, triggering allergies and asthma, so make sure and dust surfaces regularly. Do not be surprised if you have to dust more frequently in winter, as people and pets bring in more dirt from the outside.
  • Vacuum soft surfaces. Regularly vacuum carpets, rugs, pet beds, furniture, and other soft surfaces to remove dust and grime.
  • Mop your floors. Even floors that look clean can be harboring potentially disease-causing pathogens. Mopping your floors regularly helps reduce your risk.
  • Clean your vents. Your air vents and filter system help ensure that you are breathing clean air. Replace your filters regularly and clean your vents occasionally. Not sure how to clean your vents? Carmen’s Cleaning can help you.
  • Wash your walls. If you have pets or children, you probably have lines on your walls from handprints or from pets rubbing against them. Wipe away the debris and you will be shocked at how fresh and new your whole room appears!
  • Clean your baseboards. Vacuuming or dusting your baseboards may be part of your normal cleaning routine, but add a disinfecting cleaner wash to the routine when you tackle your big winter cleaning project.
  • Wash your rugs. Rugs and carpets collect a lot of dirt and grime. Regularly wash any throw rugs that can safely washed in your washing machine. Steam clean or send larger rugs out for professionally cleaning periodically.
  • Clean out clothes and toys. You will likely to be getting clothes and toys for Christmas. Make room in your closets and toy chest by cleaning out unused items beforehand.

Not sure where to start on your big winter clean? Carmen’s Cleaning not only handles regular housekeeping, but also deep cleaning. Give us a call to schedule yours.