For a lot of people, the idea of hiring a home cleaning service sounds like a nice luxury to have, but not necessarily something they absolutely need, or can afford. After all, many people figure they can just clean it themselves. And while yes, that is true, you can clean the house yourself, is hiring a professional cleaning service and cleaning the house yourself really the same? How much does a cleaning service actually cost? And what do you lose by dedicating the time to doing it yourself? Let’s have a look at some reasons you might want to reconsider putting off hiring a cleaning service.

How Clean is Clean?

For starters, there is a big difference in simply cleaning your house and a thorough, deep cleaning of your home. For instance, when you set out to clean the house, you probably wipe down surfaces, clean up any dishes, clothing or items around the house, vacuum the carpets and sweep and mop the floors. Perhaps you will give a little more care to the bathroom.

But will you scrub the limescale from around faucets and the grout in the bathroom? Will you pull out the ladder and dust the high, hard to reach places? Will you clean inside the oven or move large appliances to clean behind and beneath them? You get the point—a deep cleaning addresses all areas of the home, especially the nasty, tough or easily overlooked ones. With a deep cleaning comes greater peace of mind. And what better time than during a pandemic to have a little bit of that!

Time is Valuable

Time spent cleaning the house is time that can often be better spent elsewhere. There are only so many hours in the day, and if you are already working full-time, how do those precious off hours get spent?

Maybe it’s time to spend with the kids, time to get outside for some exercise, time for a date night or time to just kick back and relax. Life throws enough challenges at us, and it certainly hasn’t gotten any easier during a pandemic. A professional cleaning service frees up valuable personal time, time we know is essential to personal health.

You Might End Up Spending Less Than You Think

A lot of equipment and cleaning products are required to properly clean a home of dirt, dust, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. When you hire a cleaning company, all of this is included. You don’t need to worry about purchasing expensive equipment, making sure you have all the right products each time you clean, or about where you will store it all in the interim. A cleaning service offers a one-stop shop.

During a Pandemic, Stakes are Higher

The idea of a dirty home, one that can cause infections or illness is an icky thought at any time. Yet in a pandemic, a dirty home poses a much greater risk than usual, and can even be deadly. Keeping a deeply cleaned house is one more step you can take toward ensuring that your home remains a safe haven during this unprecedented time.

At Carmen’s Cleaning, we believe that cleaning services should be an affordable amenity instead of a luxury only available to a select few. We’ve built a sterling reputation on our reliable, respectful service and we put the utmost of care into our work and the safekeeping of your home. For us business is family, and we take that ethos into every home we care for.