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While keeping a home clean may be manageable, deep cleaning and organizing tasks, once called spring cleaning by our parents and grandparents, has become a chore that many of us put off, rather than a yearly ritual.   

Clutter is stressful. There have actually been a number of studies demonstrating that having a cluttered home takes a toll on someone’s emotional well-being. Decluttering a home can have some surprising emotional benefits. Clutter impacts your ability to use your living space in several ways: it can make people avoid guests; it can make it difficult to engage in hobbies in your home; and it makes relaxation more difficult. It also takes a toll on self-esteem. Society embraces the idea that clean is morally better than dirty, so that people who struggle with cleanliness and tidiness often feel like they are somehow inadequate, which can make people reluctant to hire people to help them with those chores.  

It is okay if you do not happen to be great at organizing or if you would just rather spend your time doing other things. At Carmen’s Cleaning Services, we happen to be great at cleaning and organization. Spend your time doing something you enjoy and hire our cleaning wizards, instead.  

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