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Even if your home is clean, it probably has bacteria and viruses in it. That is the reality of a space where people live. We bring pathogens into our kitchens every time that we bring in groceries, track germs into our home on our feet, and touch things in our home after touching things outside of our home. The result is that our home might look like a giant petri dish under a microscope, even if it looks clean and sanitary on the surface. This is especially true if a home is full of family members who are less conscientious about hygiene habits, such as young children or pets.

Normally, the level of contaminants in an otherwise clean home are manageable. Some dirt and germs actually build the immune system, while the overuse of sanitizing products can actually contribute to the development of super-germs that are resistant to regular cleaning methods. Therefore, the average household does not require regular full sanitizing services under average circumstances.

COVID-19 and the threat of disease transmission that it brings mean that we are not living under average circumstances. Trying to keep our homes sanitized and safe, while still functioning in the rest of our lives, has been one of the most stressful things about living in a pandemic. This is true for any household that understands the various methods of transmissions for the current pandemic, but especially true for households with at-risk family members or households where one or more members have tested positive for Coronavirus.

Carmen’s Cleaning Services can help you. We offer a residential sanitizing service that uses EPA approved sanitizing products to safely disinfect your home. This disinfection service goes beyond regular deep-cleaning services, ensuring that sanitizing products are on surfaces long enough to offer maximum germ-fighting properties. We focus on areas most likely to be touched and customize the products we use to various areas for maximum efficiency. This is all done while wearing PPE, to minimize the possibility of cross-contamination as we disinfect.

We can offer disinfection services as an add-on component to a regular weekly or bi-weekly cleaning service, as a stand-alone service, or as an addition to a deep-cleaning project. No company or service can promise you that they can keep COVID out of your home and away from your family; even best practices have a minimal risk of transmission. However, we can tell you that our sanitizing services exceed even the most stringent of guidelines, so that you and your family can have the peace of mind and enhanced safety of knowing your home is truly clean.

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