What do Monica Geller, Sheldon Cooper, and Monk have in common? They are obsessed with a clean home.

Some people pride themselves on deep cleaning. Others prefer to leave it to the professionals because it makes them happier and more productive.

If you do your own cleaning at home, you’re probably only doing general cleaning. Deep house cleaning is necessary but very different than its counterpart. Check out the difference between the two types of cleaning.

What Is General Cleaning?

General house cleaning is what you do regularly. A few examples of general weekly cleaning are:

  • sweeping and mopping
  • wiping down surfaces
  • dusting
  • emptying trash cans

General house cleaning is something homeowners typically do themselves. Sometimes, people have a housekeeper come in and do these things once a week. A basic cleaning job usually takes a few hours a week.

A cleaning checklist can come in handy so you know what needs to be done and when.

What Is Deep House Cleaning?

Home deep cleaning is different and entails more work. This style of cleaning is typically done every six months or so. Examples of deep cleaning are:

  • scrubbing tile grout
  • cleaning inside the oven
  • cleaning behind large appliances
  • removing limescale

When it comes to deep cleaning a house, this is usually something best left to the professionals. A deep cleaning session usually takes at least a few hours and possibly more depending on what needs to be done.

How Do I Choose Professional Cleaners?

When you begin looking for a professional house cleaning service, you may quickly notice that there are several companies to choose from. So, how do you choose qualified deep cleaning services?

One way you can choose is by asking around. Ask your friends and neighbors who they recommend. You also need to read reviews. Check out the cleaning companies reviews to know what their customers really think.

Look for companies with competitive pricing. Cleaning services shouldn’t be a luxury for the wealthy. Anyone should be able to afford a quality home cleaning service.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Deep Cleaning Service?

Life is hectic and busy. After working 40 plus hours a week, sometimes the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning. If you barely have enough time to do general house cleaning, then you may want to seriously consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

Another great reason to hire a cleaning service to come into your home is that the will simply do a better job than you. Often times, when we clean our own home, we just want to get done as quickly as possible. The pros will do a better job because that’s their job.

Need Help Cleaning Your Home?

Home cleaning is not exciting for everyone. If you’re not a clean freak, that’s okay. You can do the general cleaning yourself or hire it out. Knowing the difference between general cleaning and deep house cleaning will help you decide what you want to do yourself and what you’re willing to pay someone else to do.

If you are looking to hire someone to come in and deep clean your home, contact us today for a free consultation.