We live in a time of automated services. We can call a taxi via an app and get food delivered to our door within an hour. Why should it be any different for cleaning our houses?

Studies show that 12% of Americans use a house cleaning service. A further 47% say they would consider using one in the future. And why shouldn’t they? House cleaning services mean you can save time and might even make you happier.

Are you thinking of hiring a house cleaner? Home cleaning services could be exactly what you need to become more productive. Read on for everything you need to know about hiring a house cleaner.

Should You Prep For the Cleaner?

Of course, the cleaner will be doing the bulk of the work. But, it’s good etiquette to clear up any clutter before they arrive.

This way, the cleaner can focus on doing a thorough job without having to work around your stuff.

It makes the process easier for the both of you. It won’t take the cleaner as long to do their job, and you can sort through the important things you need and which things to throw away.

Should You Stay in the House?

Each cleaning company is different. Some might want you to stay at home, others would like you out of the house so they can clean without distractions.

If you have animals, you may want to take them for a walk as the cleaner works. Or, try to crate the animal while the cleaner is working or keep the animal in a separate room.

Ask your cleaner if they have any pet allergies. If your pet is friendly and not aggressive, they should be fine to stay in the house.

Do You Provide the Cleaning Equipment?

Some cleaning services will bring their own cleaning equipment along with them. Others will ask you to provide them yourself.

Even those that bring their own cleaners might not use the kinds you like. In this case, it’s best to provide it yourself. Some will bring most of the cleaning things but expect you to have the basics. These include a vacuum cleaner, paper towels, sponges etc.

If you aren’t sure, make sure to get in touch with a local cleaning company and ask them what to provide.

How Often Will I Need It?

The frequency of home cleaning services depends entirely on your needs. If you have a small home which doesn’t need frequent upkeep, monthly visits may be best.

If you have a medium sized home or one that is filled with messy kids or animals, a weekly clean may be needed. Most people opt for a house clean every other week.

You’re Ready to Start Hiring a House Cleaner!

Now you know everything you need for hiring a house cleaner! It’s a service which will save you a lot of time and energy. At the end of a busy week, you can relax at home without having to worry about the chores over the weekend.

Need a house cleaning service? Get in touch and see how we can make things easier for you!