Carmen Valdivia

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At Carmen’s Cleaning Services our goal is simply to provide our customers with the highest quality in the home cleaning industry. We believe that cleaning services should be an affordable amenity instead of a luxury only available to a select few; that is why we offer competitive pricing without compromising the quality in our service. This business is our family.

Carmen’s Cleaning Services was founded by Carmen Valdivia in 2010 as a cleaning business that was run from the back of the family minivan. Working at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, Carmen developed her skills and gained experience working on the Executive Levels of the hotel. She discovered a passion for the industry and studied cleaning business fundamentals to develop her unique system and to train her employees in the most efficient way to clean homes.

Today, Carmen’s Cleaning Services is a family run business, with hundreds of satisfied customers. Our clients are a significant part to this company, and we offer them the cleaning that meets their individual needs, treating them with all the respect they deserve.

Cleaning For a Reason | Chicagoland Maid Services

Carmen’s Cleaning Services is proud to be a Partner with Cleaning For A Reason!

We are proud partners with Cleaning For A Reason, the national non-profit organization that clean the homes of women with cancer for free. 

Call us today to learn more about Cleaning For A Reason or visit their website to learn how to qualify for FREE cleanings.